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Things to Do in Houston With Kids

things to do in houston

If you are a parent looking for things to do in Houston with kids, there are many great options. The Children’s Museum of Houston recently had an expansion. The museum boasts an area of 90000 square feet, which is great for children of all ages. Look out for interactive exhibits such as FlowWorks which allows children to learn about water using giant waves. Kidtropolis allows children to run their own city. The interactive exhibit How Does It Work? is also available. This interactive exhibit provides fascinating information about everyday processes. While in Houston, you’ll be sure to check out the NBA Rockets’ Toyota Center, home to the Houston Rockets.

Museum of Fine Arts

Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum. Its collection includes many paintings, sculptures, as well as decorative arts. It is also home to numerous exhibitions and events. It hosts a rotating display of both traditional and contemporary art. The museum’s principal goal is to foster appreciation for the arts.

Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Rafael Moneo designed and built the museum’s Audrey Jones Beck Building. It opened in 2000. The museum’s Audrey Jones Beck Building is named after the woman who gave a large part of her collection to it many decades ago. The Beck Building features traveling exhibitions, temporary rotating shows, and permanent collections American and European art.

The museum’s collection contains works from the late Renaissance and Baroque periods as well as early modern times. It also includes works by Italian Renaissance masters, such as Fra Angelico and Sebastiano del Piombo. It also houses a substantial collection of Asian and Islamic art as well as modern Latin American art.

The MFAH is the nation’s largest museum of fine art. Its collection reflects the diversity of human culture. It houses works by European, Asian, and Latino artists. Houston’s diverse cultural heritage is celebrated through a film program. It also hosts a film festival each year.

Houston’s aquarium

Houston’s Aquarium has a variety of exhibits that are sure to keep you interested and entertained. It has a touch pool, shark tank, and displays of aquatic ecosystems. You can also find educational programs at the aquarium. Houston’s Aquarium, a family-friendly spot, is a wonderful day trip destination for children. It is located in downtown Houston.

Downtown aquarium and restaurant offer dining and family fun. It also features an underwater adventure complex, more than 200 species of aquatic life, and spectacular views of downtown Houston. Houston’s Aquarium and Restaurant will delight, no matter if you are looking for a family outing. There are many interactive exhibits, as well behind-the-scenes tours. The Aquarium even has a 500,000-gallon underwater adventure complex. In addition to the many animals and live creatures on display, there are amusements and games to keep your group happy.

Houston’s aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the country. It features a wide variety of marine life, including tropical fish, corals, and more. It is also home to one of Houston’s top fish supply stores. The store offers everything you need, from fish food to tanks. It is also home to several rare species of fish, and the lighting inside is ideal for viewing them.

The Downtown Aquarium is a six-acre site that houses about 200 species of marine life. The complex also includes a restaurant, a bar, and banquet facilities. The aquarium also offers educational programs. The aquarium’s education division works closely with local schools and runs outreach programs.

Houston’s Symphony

Houston’s symphony is one of the most prestigious music organizations in the Americas. Many interesting and historic projects are part of its repertoire. Although the orchestra’s musicians are mostly from local areas, you will also find international players. The orchestra performs at a beautiful venue that is surrounded by green space and has a great atmosphere.

If you’re looking for family entertainment, you may want to consider attending a Houston-area play or musical. The Houston Children’s Museum is a great place to take your kids. There are many exhibits for children of all ages. There is the Invention Convention, the Maker Annex and the Power Science Lab. Admission is only $12 for adults, but children under 12 can attend free of charge.

Volunteering with the Houston Symphony is also a great way to learn more about the organization and its musicians. The Musician Appreciation league is a way to meet new audiences and to support the Symphony’s musicians. The League also holds an annual holiday brunch, which raises funds to support its education and community engagement programs.

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is also available. It is home to over 17,000 works. The museum is located in the heart downtown Houston. It was started by Jefferson Davis McKissack.

Houston’s waterpark

One of Houston’s waterparks is a great way to spend a day with your family. There are many parks to choose from. However, Typhoon Texas is the most popular. It has two locations in Texas, Houston and San Antonio. This waterpark chain has been around for many years and has received many good reviews from customers.

Throughout the summer, water parks are a great way to cool off and enjoy the Texas sunshine. Houston has several waterparks. Some are within the loop and some are just an hour and a quarter away. Schlitterbahn is one of Houston’s top-rated waterparks, and it is only about an hour away.

AstroWorld’s Waterworld, which opened in June 1983 was the first waterpark in the vicinity. The park was a massive 1.9-million-gallon complex, covering ten acres. Unfortunately, AstroWorld closed in 2005 and the site is now just a dusty field. Wet’n’Wild SplashTown is another popular waterpark in the region. In addition to a water park, the park also features a zoo, a museum, and a 3D and 4D theater.

Another new waterpark in the Houston area is the Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures, located at 23101 Highway 242 in New Caney. While the park has faced staffing and supply chain issues, it has now overcome these challenges and opened in 2022. The park will have 11 water slides and a forest maze. There will also be a concert hall and an immense aquatic obstacle course.

Houston’s theater scene

If you’re a theater lover, Houston has something to offer. Houston is home to seven theater companies. Unfortunately, many of these theater companies are facing financial difficulties. With rising rental prices, decreasing ticket sales and an extremely limited donor pool after Hurricane Harvey, these organizations are looking for new ways to get by.

Houston’s theater scene features plays that challenge existing paradigms, particularly those relating to race and gender. Desdemonachiang’s upcoming production, Qui Nguyen’s “Vietgone,” will focus the Vietnam War narrative through the Vietnamese lens. Moreover, a play by MJ Kaufman, the only trans author among the seven theater companies studied, will make you think twice about how you perceive gender.

Theaters in Houston are located throughout the city. Houston’s Theater District offers the best place to catch a show. It contains the city’s premier theater venues, including the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Houston’s theater district includes theaters as well as many entertainment and dining venues.

Houston has some of the best theaters in America. This is evident in the Hobby Center. There are two theaters, one with an arena stage and the other with a thrust stage. These theaters can host even the largest shows.

Houston’s parks

Houston is home to an incredible array of parks and green spaces. These are overseen by the Houston Parks Board and Harris County Commissioners. The city is positioned to capitalize on the city’s thriving natural resources and is poised to expand the green space available to its citizens. For more information about Houston’s parks, visit the Harris County Park System website.

One of Houston’s largest parks is Memorial Park, which is filled with recreational options. There are several golf courses and jogging tracks in the park. The park also has skating and biking paths and a 3-mile running track. Visitors to the park can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while learning about Houston’s rich history.

Houston also has many historical buildings that tell stories about Houston’s early years. Many of these buildings can be toured by the public and tell stories about everyday life. Visitors can take tours and learn about the buildings. Some of the parks have also been designated as national or state parks.

Houston Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for managing 380 parks and the 167 green spaces that cover 39,501 acres. The first comprehensive park plan was presented to the Parks Commission in 1913 by Arthur Comey, a landscape architect and planner from Massachusetts. The Houston Parks and Recreation Department was founded in 1916, despite the fact that the plans were never implemented. Today, the department oversees the development of two parcels: Sam Houston Park, a 20-acre park, and Hermann Park, a 445-acre park donated to the city in 1914. The park includes a Japanese Garden and Centennial Gardens as well as the Miller Outdoor Theatre.



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