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Heating Replacement Services Houston, TX

Need a new heating system? Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. can help. We have a range of new systems to select from, so you’ll be able to choose the best one for your home. Plus, our installers are trained and certified to install them quickly and effectively.

Proficient Professionals to Your Home and Business

If you’re in need of high-quality heating and air conditioning services Look no further than Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. We have decades of experience working in the field and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the top quality service.

We provide a variety of services, including HVAC replacement, AC installation, and ductwork. We also provide a range of maintenance plans that will ensure that your system is running smoothly throughout the year. No matter what your demands are, we’re ready to assist. We know that some issues don’t have time to be solved, so we’ll take every step to ensure that your system is up and running as quickly as we can.

Expert Advice On Heating Replacement

It’s that time of year again – the weather is starting to turn colder, as it’s time to think about replacement for your heating services. If your current heating system isn’t functioning properly or you’re in the market for an upgrade, Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. can help. We have a variety of heating replacement systems as well as services which are guaranteed to match your needs.

If you’re looking for a new furnaceor warmth pump, other heating equipment, we’ll help you find the perfect match for any home or business. We also provide a range of financing options to help you afford replacement. Our team of experts technicians are available for installation as well as repairs.

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Why You Need Heating Replacement Services in Houston, TX

A malfunctioning or old heating system could cause your home miserable in winter. It’s not only it difficult keeping your home warm however, you could be facing expensive repairs if you do not get it repairedThat’s the reason you must make a call to Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. to get heating replacement services whenever you find a fault regarding your heater.

Our team of experienced HVAC technicians are able to swiftly identify the issue and suggest the best way to proceedMost of the time we’ll be able of repairing your existing heaterHowever, if the heater isn’t repairable or isn’t effective enough to meet your needs then we’ll be able to assist you select and install a new heater.

AC and Heating Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioning & Heating is a method of temperature control that is used for residential and commercial homes located in Houston, TX.

We recommend that you have your system maintained every year at the minimum or twice in the case of pets or children in the home.

If you notice any change in performance, like your system is not cooling or heating as effectively as it used or if there are leaks in the water, it is time to get a professional for servicing.

Some common problems that can happen with both air conditioning and heating systems include issues with the thermostat, compressor, fans and ductwork. Other, less frequently-reported issues could be due to leaks within the system or low refrigerant levels or a blocked filter.

We do not recommend that people attempt to service their own air conditioning or heating systems. These are complicated machinery pieces and should only be maintained by a professional equipped with the proper training and tools.

How We're Different!

Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. is a family-owned and operated business which has been proudly servicing customers in the Greater Houston area for many years. We’re committed to offering our customers the highest quality service and products available, and our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with all aspects that we do.

AC and Heating Services

Fairness and Transparency

In Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co., we are proud to be a fair and honest business. We don't try to exaggerate our services, and we always work to ensure that our customers get the most value for their money. We are also upfront about any potential problems with a client's air conditioning or heating system, and always recommend the most cost-effective solution that is possible.

AC and Heating Services

Excellent Service

Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. is a local business which has been providing excellent heating and air conditioning services for the Houston region for over a decade. We're a family-owned business by our employees, and our mission is to provide our clients with the best service at a fair price.

AC and Heating Services

Flexible Scheduling

Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. provides flexible scheduling , so you can access the service that you need it. We realize that life can be unpredictable, and we work hard to ensure that our services are able to accommodate your schedule.

AC and Heating Services

Knowledgeable Technicians

Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. has the most experienced technicians in the area for air conditioning and heating services. We can help you with any repair or installation that you may need, and we'll do our best to ensure that you're satisfied with the outcome.

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It is essential to cool down during the summer months, and get warm in the winter. It’s no secret that air conditioning and heating is essential for comfort in severe weather conditions. But, they can be expensive to install and maintain.

Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Co. provides many services that will meet all your requirements which include repair, installation, and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems. We also provide emergency service to keep you warm all year.

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